Question - How many of us does it take to make a roman blind?

Answer: as many of us as it takes to get it as near to perfection as we can.  


The above picture shows one of two bespoke roman blinds under construction this morning, with a bottom edge feather border caught in a secret hem.  We had a rather enjoyable brainstorming session working out the best way to tackle this - I could think of far worse scenarios for such a session - but we are blessed to live in a world of pattern, colour and fabric - Heavenly!    

Try as I might with these unusual designs our amazing team of makers are never thwarted!!

It's not finished yet, but it is well on the way!  Destined for a panelled study in a country manor house on the fringes of Dartmoor - can't wait to see this one up.  

If you have something you would like us to make, curtains, roman blinds, swags and tails, no matter how simple or ornate we are here to create it for you.