5 smart ways to use designer fabrics without busting your budget

Have you ever fallen in love with some glorious fabric that quickens your heart rate as you realise - 'that's it, that's the one'.  Excited, you ask the price, whilst resolutely saying to yourself 'this time I don't care - whatever it costs, I am having it - it's perfect - how can I possibly resist'!! 

You get the price - your heart pounds and you begin to sweat, as it dawns on you that it is WAY WAY outside the budget you have set yourself for your curtains,  it has torpedoed it right out of the ocean, where it had been happily bobbing about in the sea breeze without a care in the world. 

Take heart we have a cunning plan or two - we have ways of working in;  your Lust-Have Linwood, Heavenly Harlequin, Snazzy Scion,  or Ravishing Romo.

Over 5 days and 5 posts we show you different takes on making a statement in your home without breaking the bank but still stealing the show all the same.

Day 1, Take 1 - 'The supporting role'

Scion's Levande Collection

Scion's Levande Collection

The Humble Cushion - Scion Levande collection

A simple well made cushion in your favourite fabric can transform a bland spot into a great focal point.  Take the chair above, as lovely as it is, it's undeniably the cushion that is the centre of attention, remove it and it's all a tad wishy washy and bland.  

Cushions are much undervalued when it comes to home decor, often an after thought in an uninspiring fabric, but we dare you to be bold with your bolsters.

It takes just 1 metre of fabric to make 2 cushions in your favourite fabric, 'more bang for your buck'.  The trick is to select the size carefully, place the fabric for maximum drama and don't skimp on your stuffing!!  A skinny cushion is an unhappy cushion.  Oh and of course cherish them they are a worthy accessory!

We have a showroom packed with thousands of fabrics all desperate to leap into the limelight and if sewing is not your thing - don't despair we have a cushion creator extraordinaire - who makes the best cushions ever.

If the cushion just doesn't pass muster and heaven knows why it wouldn't, but, if it definitely doesn't, then our next post maybe the solution for you!  Intrigued?  Stay tuned.


Source: https://www.scion.uk.com/